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PROGRAMMING: Feminist Cybersecurity Workshop with Yvette Granata

Feminist Cybersecurity Workshop with Yvette Granata
10 November 2018, 2-5PM

This workshop is a feminist ‘crypto-party’ in which we will go over digital safety and basic tools for digital autonomy and personal protection needs. Cybersecurity is often framed mainly from the point of view of the security industry, where security is aimed at protecting computing systems from the risk of hacks, protecting private data from theft, and protecting against social engineering. This workshop instead highlights issues often overlooked by mainstream cybersecurity, such as gendered abuse, domestic violence,  racialized data abuse, and other ways that individuals experience threats to their digital autonomy. 

We will look at what our data does and how others might use it, review everyday tactics for digital safety for various individual needs, such as email encryption and protecting mobile devices, and perform individual safety check-ups on our devices.  Participants will be asked to join in a cyber-feminist role playing game with GPG email encryption as a method for learning digital safety tactics.  

Bring your laptop and your phone (the workshop works best when participants bring their own laptops and phones, however laptop and phone are not required to attend). All are welcome!

25 Spots available
To register, email:

[*Sources/ guides: Equality Labs Digital Defense Curriculum, the DIY feminist cyber-security guide, DIY cybersecurity for domestic violence]