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PROGRAMMING: Sound Diaries and Recitals, a workshop with John Rage

Sound Diaries and Recitals: a workshop with John Rage
May 11, 12 and 18
Locations TBD

In conjunction with the exhibition Manar Moursi: The Loudspeaker and the Tower

How can we communicate our experience of the (prelinguistic, extra-linguistic) sonic world in the symbolic realm of language?

Join us on May 11th, 12th, and 18th for a responsive workshop with John Rage (alias Fan Wu) who will be leading a small group in an intimate two-day program involving shared listening exercises and collaborative writing experiments. Answering to the soundscapes presented throughout Manar Moursi’s exhibition The Loudspeaker and the Tower, the workshop will actively consider, through writing, the importance of sound in our everyday lives.

Day One (May 11, full day): Sound as diaries

The group will meet at TSV as a meeting point to discuss readings and then move to a field location to learn about and create sound dairies through recordings and writings (recording equipment will be provided by TSV). Participants will be encouraged to repeat the exercise that evening and work on developing a miniature written piece (poem, narrative, lyric essay) to be shared the following day.

Day Two (May 12, half day): Sound as recitation

We will share our writing pieces and practice different forms of collectively reciting and recording these works.

Day Three (May 18, half day): Sound sampling

We all work with DJ and sound artist Kat Estacio to sample and compile a soundtrack using field recordings that we have gathered as well as our written and recorded responses to the sounds we heard. As an exercise in broadcasting sound, the track will be projected from the loudspeaker of the minaret installation in The Loudspeaker and the Tower the following Friday, May 24th.

The workshop is open to artists, writers, musicians, architects and creative practitioners from any discipline.

If you’re interested in participating in the workshop please send an email to toleen@savac.net and emily@trinitysquarecideo.com by Tuesday, May 7th.


We will reply within 2 days to a confirmed list of 8 participants with details on times, texts and locations.

John Rage is the sound of sand falling on steel in a cave you’ve never been. His pleasures are facilitation and the big-time sensuality of the world at large. Contact him for collaboration or inquiry at fanwu2@gmail.com.

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