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underpressure Screening and JCS Launch

JCS 4.2 cover

Journal of Curatorial Studies: Reception and Launch
With underpressure, curated by DisplayCult

November 12, 7:00-9:00 pm

Artists: David Bates Jr., Maurice Benayoun, Björk, Christof Migone, Alessandro Rolandi, and Santiago Sierra

The editors of the Journal of Curatorial Studies and Trinity Square Video invite you to celebrate the publication of three recent issues: “Latin American Curating and Exhibitions” (3.2+3), “China: Exhibitions and Display Culture” (4.1), and the newest open issue (4.2).

Accompanying the launch will be underpressure, a screening of videos and a photo/audio project related to the three issues of JCS. Santiago Sierra is best known for working with disenfranchised persons to critique power structures in art and society. NO, The Global Tour (2011), documents a sculpture Sierra created for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche that subsequently toured neighbourhoods and industrial sites devastated by the financial crisis from Canada to Mexico.

Two videos by Streaming Museum, a producer of interdisciplinary media projects, also will be presented: Björk’s Mutual Core (2012) as it was installed in Times Square and documented by David Bates Jr., and Maurice Benayoun’s Emotion Forecast (2010). These works appropriate commercial advertising platforms to reconfigure urban space into a zone of intense music, visuals and emotionality.

Alessandro Rolandi’s video documents his ongoing collaborations with the Beijing engineering company Bernard Controls. The projects openly intervene into the spaces of the factory, offering both an embedded critique of China’s rigorous work culture and a creative outlet for its employees.

Finally, Christof Migone presents his artist/curator project “Gallery Guide: Through and Through,” which appears in issue 4.2. Photos documenting the performances Microhole (2006) and << I >> (2003) are reunited with their sonic equivalents and wryly destabilizes the presumed differences in artistic and curatorial temperaments. Together, these four videos and the photo/audio project provide a glimpse into the diversity of topics and sites examined in the Journal of Curatorial Studies.

Refreshments will be served.

Sierra, No, Nuit Blanche

Image: Santiago Sierra, NO (2009), installation at Nuit Blanche, Toronto. Photo courtesy of DisplayCult.


DisplayCult thanks the artists, the staff at TSV, along with Nina Colosi from the Streaming Museum, Edward Sanderson, and Susan McGuire at the Lisson Gallery, for their assistance and participation.

The Journal of Curatorial Studies is an international, peer-reviewed publication that explores the increasing relevance of curating and exhibitions and their impact on institutions, audiences, aesthetics and display culture. Inviting perspectives from visual studies, art history, critical theory, cultural studies and other academic fields, the journal welcomes a diversity of disciplinary approaches on curating and exhibitions broadly defined. By catalyzing debate and serving as a venue for the emerging discipline of curatorial studies, JCS encourages the development of the theory, practice and history of curating, as well as the analysis of exhibitions and display culture in general.

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