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VIDEO FEVER 2022 (Screening + Listening Party)

Trinity Square Video presents the 2022 Video Fever Screening+Listening Party!

August 12th 5-7PM EST

To catch the screening, enter the following zoom link by 5pm!

Join Zoom Meeting, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84962527639?pwd=ZlBaVWFWTmM0UFhTVlFCUitPNGhqdz09

Meeting ID: 849 6252 7639

Passcode: 740424

Alternatively, refer to the following phone dial-in option: Dial: 647 558 0588 Enter Meeting ID: 849 6252 7639 Enter Passcode: 740724

Featuring works by Katy Catchpole, Esteban Powell + Carla Sierra Suarez, Charlotte (Hiu Ting) Lam, Bhavika Sharma, Sarah Boo, Denisa Novakova, Poncho Navarro, Joan Nuguid with Si Yuet Cheung, and Will Stock.

Video Fever is an annual showcase of cutting-edge video works produced by undergraduate or graduate level student artists across Ontario. Selected by a jury composed of Trinity Square Video’s and Vtape’s staff and programming Committee, this showcase provides a glimpse of what is on the horizon of video-based practices in contemporary art.

We are presenting this year’s showcase online as a Listening Party, hosted by Community Reporter and Disability Activist, Milena Khazanavicius! 

In preparation for the Listening Party, staff members developed audio descriptions for each video work in the showcase, with guidance from Milena Khazanavicius and Inclusion Service Providers, Kat Germain and Jennifer Brethour. 

The works in the showcase are experimental in creation and multi-disciplinary – including elements of animation, performance for the camera, experimental fiction and documentary, and appropriation of archival footage. Similarly, our approach in training, generating, and applying descriptions was experimental in structure. We are excited to continually learn about the standards, procedures, and innovations of audio description.

Image description: A young person catches a red and blue frisbee in an empty parking lot.

Image Credit: Will Stock.


Will Stock

Will Stock is a Toronto-based film and photo artist working across the spectrum of imaging mediums. Including but not limited to: motion picture film, photography film, tape-based media, as well as digital media. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota he holds a Bachelor of fine arts in film from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Currently he is working towards an MFA in documentary media at X University (formerly Ryerson University).

Poncho Navarro

Poncho Navarro is an up-and-coming director and cinematographer from Mexico City with a dark and dry sense of humor and a knack for visual storytelling.

Joan Nuguid

Joan Nuguid (b. 1998) is a Filipina born artist residing in Toronto, Canada. Drawing from her own experiences and inner musings, her work examines the intimate and personal relationship of the Self with nature, media and other bodies through narratively driven animations as well as nonlinear experimental ones; this allows her to try techniques outside her comfort zone. Her work has been shown locally in Kensington Market, The Ignite Gallery, The Ada Slaight Gallery, The Little Inventor’s program supported by NSERC and UNESCO, Paradise Theatre for TAIS and recently in Ocad University’s Graduate Exhibition. She holds a BFA with a specialization in expanded animation.

Si Yuet Cheung

Si Yuet Cheung (b. 1999) is a recent graduate from Ocad University with a major in Integrated Media. Deeply inspired by David Cronenberg, Cheung currently has ongoing research concerned with blurring the boundary between the familiar and the unfamiliar. Combining time based media and sculpture, she is interested in exploring correlations that exist between the media and the body, this allows her to experiment with digital and analog mediums harmoniously.

Charlotte Lam

Charlotte Lam is a Hong Kong graphic designer currently based in Ontario, Canada. Before transferring to the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto Mississauga, Charlotte worked on various commercial design projects, such as Billboard advertisements, market promotional materials, and website designs, as a freelance graphic designer. The artist’s recent projects are based on personal experiences. She aims to record her emotions and reflect on her lived experiences through typography and poster design.

Katy Catchpole

Katy Catchpole is an emerging artist who is interested in film, video as well as both digital and analog photographic practices. In her artistic practice she is interested in exploring notions of identity and subjectivity, the material aspects of the digital, as well as family history and intergenerational experiences.

Denisa Novakova

Denisa Novakova’s alma mater is the Faculty of Arts in Prague, the Czech Republic, however, now is studying Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada. Wildflowers are her first experimental film with a stronger sense of symbolism, which she adores in the 60s films of the Czech New Wave. Her favorite part of filmmaking is the director’s work with actors since she grew up performing in the theater herself.

Bhavika Sharma

Bhavika Sharma (B.A. Visual Studies, University of Toronto) is an interdisciplinary artist based in T’karanto/Toronto. Through uncovering alternative, personal, and unwritten narratives relating to built landscapes, their practice seeks to expand on non-dominant histories; flora, fauna, creeks, and lived experiences become new markers for reading landscapes. Bhavika’s practice is produced through glitching, transforming, tethering, and taking apart to unravel complex narratives of place and re-imagine safer futures.

Sarah Boo

Sarah is a Toronto-based multimedia artist who spent her formative years immersed in virtual worlds and special interest internet forums. She is currently enrolled in the Digital Futures program at OCAD University after having worked in the tech industry for several years. Much of her time is spent thinking about disentangling corporate presence from our digital bodies and spaces, slow technology, and digital intimacy.

Carla Sierra Suarez

Carla Sierra Suarez is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist based in Tkaronto. Her practice explores themes of identity through mental health as well as the duality of being both part of the Latinx diaspora and being a Muslim convert. She aims to bring light to issues that have been often stigmatized creating a safe space for self-expression. She further explores other aspects of her identity as an immigrant, as a woman, as Bipolar, as disabled, and as someone who has PTSD and ADHD. Carla refers to herself as a visual storyteller since all of her work is autobiographical in nature.