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VITRINE: Lifeforms by Sarah Friend

22 January – 10 March, 2024

Lifeforms are NFT-based entities that need regular care in order to thrive – without proper care, lifeforms die and their corresponding NFT disappears. How do you care for a lifeform? Within 90 days of receiving it, you must give it away. This mechanism inverts the typical logic of NFTs and the art market – which is to buy, hold, and hope the work increases in value. Instead lifeforms ask the “owner” to become a custodian or caregiver that must consistently maintain or care for the lifeform in collaboration with others. It is simultaneously an artist edition of NFTs and as a series of relations between the collectors of lifeforms that is intangible, ephemeral, and in a deliberately ambiguous relationship to the market.


Sarah Friend

Sarah Friend is an artist and software developer from Canada and currently based in Berlin, Germany. In 2023, she was a research fellow at Summer of Protocols, led by Venkatesh Rao and the Ethereum Foundation, and in 2022, she was a visiting professor at the Cooper Union.

She is represented by Galerie Nagel Draxler and has exhibited at and worked with MoMA (NYC), Centre Pompidou (Metz), Kunsthaus Zürich, HEK (Basel), Haus der Kunst (Munich), ArtScience Museum (Singapore), bitforms (NYC), Albright Knox Museum (Buffalo), Rhizome (NYC) and KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin) among others.