Rent 101: Strategies for artist during COVID-19

Rent 101: Issues and strategies for artist and culture workers during COVID-19
with Sagan Yee, Nadine Lessio, Cole Webber and Carrie Perreault

Wednesday April 29 5-7pm

Co-presented by Trinity Square Video and MANO (Media Arts Network of Ontario)

To register, email [email protected] URL link provided upon registration.

Many artists and culture workers are under economic pressure and trauma regarding their employment and ability to pay for housing or live/work spaces. This panel will provide useful information and strategies to help those dealing with these issues, and how to deal with their landlords. (This will contain legal information about current relief and policies under COVID-19, but it is not legal advice. Those in dispute over contracts, should consult a lawyer. We will provide a list of available legal resources for those needing legal assistance).


Sagan Yee (ED HandEye Society), executive director of Hand Eye Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring and supporting videogames as a contemporary art form. They are also an artist working in the fields of animation and experimental games. You can find them at: Twitter: @SaganYee / Website:

Nadine Lessio (Ontario Tenants Rights), Toronto based artist and researcher exploring Artificial (Un)Intelligence, peripherals, and the internet of things. They are a long time contributor to Toronto’s art-tech and indie game scenes, and has provided a helping hand in the Ontario Tenant Rights group on Facebook for the last three years.

Cole Webber (Parkdale Community Legal Services), Community Legal Worker at Parkdale Community Legal Services focussing on housing and homelessness.

Carrie Perreault (artist-tenant Artscape Weston), residential tenant at Artscape Weston Common. She is also a Toronto-based visual artist working primarily in sculpture, printmaking and performance. In her work, she balances resistance and restraint in onerous actions that recount long-term precarity and alludes to complex trauma and its residual effects. website: / website: