SCREENING: MVP Winter 2021

MVP Winter 2021 (Music Video Projects)


Where: Youtube/TrinitySquare

Featuring works by * Classic Roots * Natasha Fisher * Nimkii * Chrisann Hessing * Queenstreethush * Dion Lynch * Nathan Adler * Dave Monks * Alyson McNamara * John Packman * RIV * Kevan “Scruffmouth” Cameron * Devon “Mr. Metro” Martin * Stefana Fratila * Colin Wylie * Orrin Alexander * Bulukutu * Marvin Luvualu Antonio * DJ HELL * Stacie Ant * Precious Jewel * Seth Mendelson * Leander * Driftnote * Brenda MacIntyre * Corey Slager * Josh Thorpe * Mortimer * James Knott * Geoffrey Pugen * Foreverteffy * David Greco *River Town Saints * Jason Ebanks * Hobby * Eli Speigel * Shelby Wilson * Ellyn Woods * Harry Clarke * Newby * Mohtohsoh *

Hosted by Kiera Boult


To our dear community,

Trinity Square Video presents MVP Winter 2021, an online screening of music video projects by local talent.

In the current moment of self-isolation and social distancing during the pandemic, Trinity Square is privileged in having the capacity to come together and engage virtually. Technology and online platforms make gathering still somewhat possible, so we hope you can join us in celebrating this iteration of MVP!

2020 was a year that shook the world and the reverberations continue as we go forward in 2021. Regardless, we strive to support our members and the local arts community. Trinity Square continues to stand in solidarity in the battle against systemic racism and the oppression of Black and Indigenous communities.

As we enter more days in lockdown, this winter phase of isolation has created feelings of disconnection and restlessness, where we hope MVP Winter 2021 can help deliver some reprieve. As a platform for networking and togetherness, MVP Winter 2021 provides a space for artists, filmmakers, and music video producers to share their messages of loss, camaraderie, despair, and hope.

Trinity Square is an artist-run centre dedicated to nurturing, advancing, and protecting the well-being of the artists and communities we serve. Please know that our resources are yours, always. July 2021 marks the start of our 50th anniversary year as the artist-run centre providing space to re-imagine media arts.

Enjoy these musical offerings and we are grateful to the generosity of the artists for sharing their talents.

Stay Safe.

With love,

Trinity Square Video


TSV acknowledges the support of: The Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation, our Interns, our Donors, Volunteers and Members. MVP Winter 2021 was produced with the support of the City of Toronto through Toronto Arts Council.