Un espacio
para reimaginar
las artes mediáticas

Production Services

Camera & Lighting

Looking for a technician to come and help shoot, light and document a project you are working on? Trinity Square Video has a wide variety of cinematographers, gaffers and 360 video technicians to help you capture whatever audiovisual project you are working on. Whether you need video documentation for your gallery exhibition or if you need a cinematographer for your artistic practice, TSV can help you get connected with the right personnel to make it happen. 

Editing & Color Correction

Looking for an editor to help you put together your project or looking for someone to put the final polish on your newest work. Trinity Square Video can help by connecting you with a number of our industry editors  who can cut, colour and post your final edited work. Depending on the project, TSV has a number of editors who can work in Adobe Premiere, Da Vinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer and take the project across the finish line. Alternatively, if you have finished your edit and need someone to grade the finished work. TSV can connect you with one of our industry Colourists to create truly cinematic looks. We can conform, grade and output the final piece to maximize the colours for gallery install, broadcast or for festival circuit exhibition.