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Intro to Cinematography explores the basic tools of cinematography to re-imagine media arts. Geared to all levels of experience, Intro to Cinematography packs a comprehensive introduction to the principles of cinematography in video such as the key techniques, creative approaches, organizational skills and so much more involved in camera operation.

Image Credit: Kwasi Bugyei


TouchDesigner is a robust node-based programming environment allows the creation of complex & interactive systems for immersive digital artworks.

It can be used for video projection mapping, interactive installation and audio-visual performance, to name a few examples. In these TouchDesigner intensive series of workshops, you will learn how to create interactive work with live data and Kinect, composite 3D scenes with generative textures for immersive projection …

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Intro to Cinematography

December 2/ 4pm-7pm

Be introduced to the key techniques, creative approaches and organizational skills involved in camera operation with Kwasi Bugyei.
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December 2

To register email milada@trinitysquarevideo.com or call (416) 593-1332.

$50 Non-Member* / $30 Member / CLUB SKILLS / Skills Member

To be registered, you must be paid up in full. Accepted Payment: Visa, Mastercard, via phone; cash or debit accepted in-person. …

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