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Social Media For Beginners

Social Media provides different platforms for information to circulate. In the introduction to Social Media For Beginners, workshop instructor, Gloria Swain will clarify how to use Social Media and advise on strategies for their usage.

EXHIBITION: 2021 Emerging Digital Artists Award

2021 EDAA Exhibition

With works by Aljumaine Gayle, Erin Konsmo, Katelyn Hawley, Olivia Dreisinger, and Shonee

10 September – 2 October 2021

Exhibition on view at Trinity Square Video as well as online HERE

The 2021 EDAA Exhibition marks the seventh edition of the Emerging Digital Artists Award (EDAA) with five exceptional works that expand the limits of digital art …

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EXHIBITION: 2020 Emerging Digital Artists Award

2020 EDAA Exhibition

With works by Jawa El Khash, Kanika Gordon, Alison Postma, Camila Salcedo, and Lisa Smolkin

11 September – 3 October 2020

Open by appointment, Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-5pm.Email emily@trinitysquarevideo.com to book a visit of up to four persons. Exhibition is also viewable online.

The 2020 EDAA Exhibition marks the sixth edition of the Emerging Digital Artists Award (EDAA) …

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EXHIBITION: 2019 Emerging Digital Artists Award

2019 EDAA Finalists Exhibition

With works by Alyssa Bornn (Winnipeg, MN), Colton Hash (Victoria, BC), Ahreum Lee (Montreal, QC), Claire Scherzinger (Victoria, BC), and Jordyn Stewart (Beamsville, ON)

06 – 28 September, 2019

The 2019 Finalist Exhibition brings together five exceptional works that expand the possibilities of digital art practice, providing a robust national assemblage to mark the 5th edition …

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EXHIBITION: 2018 Emerging Digital Artists Award

Trinity Square Video is excited to be exhibiting works by the 5 finalists of EQ Bank’s 2018 Emerging Digital Artists Awards.

2018 Emerging Digital Artists Award27 September – 13 October 2018

Featuring works by Anna Eyler, Emily Hamel, Alvin Luong, Xuan Ye, and Shaheer Zazai

Entering its fourth year, the EDAAs continues its determination to highlight digital art as a field …

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Video Cassette->Digital Conversion










December 9 / 2pm-4pm

This is Do-It-Yourself! Come out and learn how to transfer your analogue videos to the the digital realm with Peter Rahul.

Find us on Facebook:

December 9

This event is FREE.

Registration is required in order to attend. Register via email milada@trinitysquarevideo.com or call (416) 593-1332. If you are registered and do not attend, a fee of $20 will apply.

2017 Emerging Digital Artists Awards

EQ Bank and Trinity Square Video presents theEmerging Digital Artists Awards2017 Finalist ExhibitionFeaturing Micaela González, Fanny Huard, Amanda Low, Pipo Pierre-Louis, and Fallon Simard

28 September – 12 October 2017

This year marks the third Emerging Digital Artists Award season for EQ Bank, and the first presented in partnership with Trinity Square Video, Canada’s oldest media arts centre. Featuring works by Amanda Low, …

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Video Projection Mapping: Intensive 6*

August 21 / 6pm-9pm

Video Projection Mapping: Intensive 6 culminates in an exhibition for the workshop participants in TSV Gallery.  This is the final week of a six-week intensive, participants will set up a show in the gallery space and have an opening. Prerequisite VIDEO PROJECTION MAPPING INTENSIVE 1-5, please see description above.

Find us on Facebook:

August 21

$50 Non-member / $30 Member / …

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JULY 25 / 6pm-9pm / w/ Andrew Cromey

DCP is a collection of digital files used to store and convey digital cinema (DC) audio, image, and data streams. Learn to make Digital Cinema Package (DCP) the right way.

$50 Non-member / $30 Member / CLUB SKILLS/ Skills Member

Find us on Facebook:

July 25

In order to be registered, …

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Emerging Digital Artists Award (EDAA) 2017

The Emerging Digital Artists Award (EDAA) is currently accepting applications for its 2017 award program. Founded on a desire to support and celebrate digital innovation in the arts, the EDAA caters to early-career artists who are working on-screen, and experimenting with the possibilities of digitally rendered imagery. Applicants are encouraged to play with moving image formats such as video, animation, and GIF art. Get …

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Photoshop Intermediate Part 2 of 2

December 5 / 6pm-9pm

This hands-on workshop is geared to those who have experience working with Photoshop with Merik Williams. Continue enhancing your skills to use Photoshop quicker and with more efficiency. Recommended prerequisite Photoshop Intermediate Part 1 of 2.

Find us on Facebook:
December 5

To register email milada@trinitysquarevideo.com or call (416) 593-1332.

$50 Non-Member* / $30 Member / CLUB SKILLS / Skills Member

To be registered, you must be …

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SOUNDS SIMPLE: the art of sound design Part 2 of 2*

September 14 / 6pm-9pm / with Carson Teal / $50 Non-member* / $30 Member / CLUB SKILLS / Skills Member

The second half of Sounds Simple: the art of sound design workshop continues demystifies editing digital audio, sound and music for moving images with Carson Teal. Continue learning the art of sound editing, with tips and tricks for creative audio design for your productions. Recommended prerequisite SOUNDS …

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SOUNDS SIMPLE: the art of sound design Part 1 of 2*

September 7 / 6pm-9pm / with Carson Teal / $50 Non-member* / $30 Member / CLUB SKILLS / Skills Member

Sounds Simple: the art of sound design demystifies editing digital audio, sound and music for moving images. Learn the art of sound design, with tips & tricks for creative audio design for your productions.

Find us on Facebook:

September 7

Payment required in full to be registered email milada@trinitysquarevideo.com or call (416) 593-1332. Visa …

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Shooting 101 – 12 Steps To Getting Your Video Out of Amateurville. Part 1 of 2

February 6 / 6:00pm-9:00pm

Learn to use a camera and lighting for beginners.

The first part gets you to where you can shoot video that does not scream ‘amateur’ , even if all you have to work with is a phone or camcorder. It includes tips and tricks for steadying the camera, a look at basic composition principles, and hands-on exercises to …

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