Green Screen 2 After Effects*: Part 1 of 2

Tubig, by Dean Vargas, 2006, Video Still

June 14 / 6:00pm-9:00pm / $50 Non-Member* / $30 Member / CLUB SKILLS / Skills Member / with Dean Vargas

Compositing defines the medium of video. Participants take their shot footage and composite the video using Premiere Pro and After Effects with Dean Vargas. Recommended: Pre-requisite Green Screen 1: the art of video compositing.

Photo credit: Tubig, by Dean Vargas, 2006

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June 14

Payment required in full to be registered, please email [email protected] or ...

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Green Screen 2: AfterEffects*

November 23 & 24

with Dennis Day/ 6pm-9pm/ $85 Non-member*/ $10 Member/ Skills Member

Compositing defines the medium of video. AfterEffects is an industry-standard application used to create motion graphics, special effects, title sequences and animation. Be introduced to the AE interface and cover concepts of composite editing, masking, key-frame animation, and basic filter effects. Learn how to import and prepare media from other applications, including Premiere Pro; assemble clips on a timeline; add & customize effects; utilize key-frames ...

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