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Learn how to create surreal landscapes with Blender 3D with Holly Chang. Participants will get an introduction to making surreal landscapes with Blender by creating a basic sunset animation. The workshop will take place over an hour and a half. The first hour is a hands-on opportunity to learn skills with Blender. The remaining thirty minutes will be open to Blender related questions relative to the workshop or …

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Intro to Surreal Landscapes with Blender

Interested in Blender 3D? In Intro to Surreal Landscapes with Blender, participants learn how to create surreal landscapes with Blender a free 3D modelling software. This workshop is aimed at beginners or people who have little to no experience with 3D modelling. Participants are required to download Blender in advance of the workshop; go to https://www.blender.org. On completion of Intro to Surreal Landscapes with Blender, participants will have an introductory understanding of Blender 3D.