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Video Projection Mapping: Intensive 6*

August 21 / 6pm-9pm

Video Projection Mapping: Intensive 6 culminates in an exhibition for the workshop participants in TSV Gallery.  This is the final week of a six-week intensive, participants will set up a show in the gallery space and have an opening. Prerequisite VIDEO PROJECTION MAPPING INTENSIVE 1-5, please see description above.

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August 21

$50 Non-member / $30 Member / …

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December 6 / 6pm-9pm

This is the fourth week of a five-week intensive where participants will begin working in the gallery space and test their individual projects. Prerequisite VIDEO PROJECTION MAPPING INTENSIVE 1-3, please see description above.

This is the fourth week of a five-week intensive resulting in a final show exhibiting participants’ works in TSV Gallery with Peter Rahul. Participants are required to bring in their …

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