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VITRINE: Lifeforms by Sarah Friend

22 January – 10 March, 2024

Lifeforms are NFT-based entities that need regular care in order to thrive – without proper care, lifeforms die and their corresponding NFT disappears. How do you care for a lifeform? Within 90 days of receiving it, you must give it away. This mechanism inverts the typical logic of NFTs …

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VITRINE: Time Traced by the Sugar on My Lips and Salt on My Skin

Time Traced by the Sugar on My Lips and Salt on My Skin 

by Vanessa Godden

12 October 2023 – 13 January 2024


Time Traced by the Sugar on My Lips and Salt on My Skin is a multi-channel video installation that examines the disturbances in racialized temporalities. The work considers how a person’s complexion is …

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The Botanist by Malik McKoy

February 25 – April 24, 2023

The Botanist is a 3D animation work by Malik McKoy, a multimedia artist based in Ajax, Ontario whose practice involves capturing and celebrating the banal through vibrant, joyful and playful experiments in world-building. Originally trained as a painter, McKoy embodies the artist’s role as an critical observer and imaginer of alternative …

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Future Living Room by sarah koekkoek

November 23, 2022 – February 15, 2023

Future Living Room is an installation and video performance by sarah koekkoek, an ecology-focused dance artist, choreographer, and trauma informed educator. sarah’s research examines movement as a language that can help cultivate greater understanding and compassion with our relationship to self, others and the earth. Her work explores punctured …

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VITRINE: Proposition 2: Index. 2020-2021

Proposition 2: Index. 2020-2021

by Ivetta Sunyoung Kang

September 7th – November 7th, 2022 (EXTENDED: November 14th, 2022)

I am hesitating to use the word, decolonial, in this short description of my new work, Proposition 2: Index (2020-2021). That being said, the word came and stayed with me throughout the production. It may not be too much ambition to use the …

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VITRINE: A place to put things

A place to put things

By Aidan Cowling

30 November 2021 – 23 January 2022

A place to put things is an installation of green screen props that are used to situate archival materials related to sexual health education. The props are painted green in order to experiment with footage from online public archives. By layering multiple archival video streams, the …

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