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EXHIBITION: A psionic hope, an astonishing dream

A psionic hope, an astonishing dream

17 MARCH – 29 APRIL, 2023

Opening Reception: Friday, 17 March, 6-8PM

Curated by Philip Leonard Ocampo

Featuring works by Curtia Wright, Camille Jodoin-Eng, Santiago Tamayo Soler, Morris Fox, Tyler Matheson, and Sin Wai Kin

With publication contributions from Sameen Mahboubi, Sonny Assu and Eric Kostiuk Williams

A combination of “psi” (psychic) …

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EXHIBITION: Worldbuilding

Jeremy Bailey and Kristen D. Schaffer, Eshrat Erfanian, Erin Gee with Alex M. Lee, and Yam Lau with Jonathan Carroll; Curated by John G. Hampton and Maiko Tanaka

03 November – 09 December, 2017Opening Reception: 03 November 2017, 6-8pm

Visit the WORLDBUILDING website HERE!

Worldbuilding is an exhibition of virtual realities debuting this November at Trinity Square Video (TSV). In early …

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