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para reimaginar
las artes mediáticas



In acknowledging this difficult time and to continue our commitment in supporting and sustaining media-art practices, Trinity Square Video is building a support fund for vulnerable artists who are experiencing the financial repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For artists, curators, writers, and technicians in crisis, either imposed by prescribed quarantine, cancelled opportunities, or loss of secondary employment, this fund is meant to provide short term cash or in-kind assistance for immediate services and basic needs – help with rent, food and supply insecurity, gas or transit allowance, etc.

Our members and community turn to Trinity Square Video for support in the production, presentation, and promotion of their practices, and are continuing to reach out for assistance during this time of need.

Your contribution will help us continue to function as a productive artist-run centre and will support the artists whose works and words are critical in obtaining nuance, direction, and comfort during our new daily routines.

Virtual hugs,
Trinity Square Video

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