Video-Fever 2014


Celebrate the best of Toronto and surrounding area’s student video work at Video Fever 2014, Trinity Square Video’s second annual juried student video event! This year’s screening presents an impressive sampling of the innovative video art and experimental narrative being produced by 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students. Three videos, chosen by a TSV jury, will win their creators cash prizes and a variety of TSV services such as equipment and workshops. Our evening’s host, local emerging artist Joshua Vettivelu will present the awards at the end of the screening.

The event takes place in downtown Toronto at the Trinity Square Video gallery space on January 11, 2014 at 7:00pm. Come and see what the next generation of video artists are creating!

Featured Artists:

Maya BenDavid, University of Guelph
Erin Buelow, York University
Zoe Cala Downie-Ross, University of Guelph
Taylor Doyle, Western University
Alvin Luong, University of Toronto
Peter Rahul, University of Toronto/OCAD University
Sam Richardson, Western University
Olivia Simpson, University of Guelph
Maximilian Suillerot, University of Toronto

Check out our winners here! /video-fever-2014-winners-profile/