VITRINE: Lake Ontario Water Survey

Lake Ontario Water Survey by James Hunter

01 February – 02 March

Lake Ontario Water Survey follows two scientists through their workday in the Toronto of 2050. It is the job of these two scientists to retrieve biological samples from Toronto’s shoreline for further testing at their lab. Testing will indicate what effects the climate crisis is wreaking on Toronto’s ecosystem. The two scientists are tasked with retrieving multiple plant and water samples in order to optimize the diversity and accuracy of their tests. 

Data suggests that by 2050 air temperatures around the world will skyrocket and smog will become unbearable. Breathing the air in Toronto will be the equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes per day, making it not impossible but extremely uncomfortable. Seasons will become disoriented and the lake water will be toxic. The majority of Toronto’s population will do their best to exist mostly in confined underground communities or aboveground condo complexes. With the passing of every season the localized and present effects of climate change make themselves all too obvious.


Artist Bio:

After graduating from the University of King’s College in 2015, James Hunter co-founded video production company 310 Media, and has since worked with a variety of clients including Toronto Life, KiSS 92.5, and Notable Life. James gravitates towards fashion forward and experimental projects that place queer narratives in the foreground. Currently James is growing InHouse Productions, a real estate media company he founded, filming and editing content for YouTuber Valeria Lipovetsky and shooting season two of PRIDE for OUTtv.