VITRINE: Who Put These Pines Here?

Who Put These Pines Here?

By Kaya Joan

September 15 – November 25, 2021

This project is available both in person at 401 Richmond st.west and online on the Virtual Vitrine platform.

Who Put These Pines Here? is a digital zine that maps intersections of land, futurity and healing through multiple modes of documentation. Joan’s practice is currently heavily informed by the area between Skaniatari:o (Lake Ontario), niwah’ah onega’gaih’ih (Humber river) and Grenadier pond. Inspired by how memory is held and forged within the physical intersections of urbanity and naturespace, Joan documents, observes, and imagines a time before the train tracks were laid, disrupting the wetlands, as well as future time when the train no longer runs. Who Put These Pines Here? weaves together photographs, videos, illustrations, and soundscapes related to the artists’s experience as a queer Afro Kanien’keha:ka person with and relationship with the land that nurtures them.


Kaya Joan is a multi-disciplinary Afro-Indigenous artist living in T’karonto (Dish with One Spoon treaty territory). Kaya’s work focuses on placemaking, non-linear temporality and blood memory. Afro and Indigenous futurity and pedagogy are also centred in Kaya’s practice-working through buried truths to explore how creation can heal 7 generations into the past and future. 

Kaya has been working in community arts for 6 years as a facilitator and artist.  To view more of Kaya’s work: 

@kayajoan on instagram