The Advanced Fundamentals of Light Online Workshop

All the best professional cinematographers know it: the art of video lighting isn’t about working the lamps, it's about understanding light. Another secret? Size isn't everything. Sometimes the best tool for the job is a 100-Watt bulb in a 5-dollar lampshade.

Get the skills you need to start making the most of your limited lighting budget. Learn how to look at, analyze, and manipulate light, then move on to figuring out how to create a particular look, using the materials at hand. You will learn the need-to-know technical aspects such as basic lamp operation, colour balancing, what ‘three-point lighting’ is really all about, and how not to flip your breakers. This is designed to accommodate different levels of lamp-operating experience: from none-at-all to considerable.

This workshop is geared to:
> Would-be cinematographers/videographers looking for a better handle on the lighting part of the job;
> Directors wanting to improve their ability to communicate their vision to their tech crew;
> DIY video artists who want more control over the ‘look’ of their work;
> Emerging video artists who want to start off on the right foot.

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Be introduced to the skills you need to start making the most of your limited lighting budget.

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Image Credit: Dean Vargas
Category: Production – Technical
Level: Master
Maximum Capacity: 30
3 hrs of Instruction in 2 parts
$10 /member$20 /nonmember

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