SHOWINGS: SciFi Research Series – April events


SHOWINGS is a series of material-discursive events where invited artists, filmmakers, science fiction writers, and future-casters reconfigure our relationships to technologies through a science fiction lens. Inspired by the practices of sci-fi feminisms, afrofuturist storytelling, and science and technology studies, the series experiments with human and posthuman approaches to an ethics of encounter that open up collective knowledges entangled in the past, present and future, while rejecting master narratives of technological determinism. Each SHOWING will bring to bear evidence where boundaries between nature and technology, fiction and reality are not where we normally expect them.

April 8, 2015
Duration of things
Karl Schroeder
Isabell Spengler

Science fiction writer and professional future-caster Karl Schroeder and Berlin based artist Isabell Spengler, will engage with Spengler’s exhibition Two Days at the Falls at Trinity Square Video, and contend with ways we are simultaneously living in pasts and futures through everyday objects, technologies and their lifespans. Devices include Cones of Plausibility, Bergson’s Memory Cone and Constraint theory. With guest reporter, Wet Stone.

April 22, 2015
Revolving doors
Camille Turner

Dance of Communal Inquiry
8PM at 8-Eleven (233 Spadina Ave)
Onyeka Igwe

For the first part of this two-site Showing, new media and performance artist Camille Turner will recall encounters made with existing objects and ancient devices during her work with afro-futurist technologies of storytelling. This will be followed by a walk to 8-Eleven where filmmaker Onyeka Igwe will lead a workshop into “vibe” as a technology of communal production in the form of an investigative dance party. For more information on the workshop with co-presenter 8-Eleven, click here.

Stay tuned for related programming in May and June:

Intra-Reading Group with excerpts by Octavia Butler, Karen Barad and Tim Ingold
May 20, 2015, 6:30pm (rescheduled from May 13)
Contact to participate.

Soft Openings a Sci-Fi video production workshop with Oliver Husain
May 30–31, 2015, 10:00-6:00pm
Click here to register.

SHOWINGS with Erin Gee and Sandra Annett
June 12, 2015, 6:30pm (rescheduled from May 23)

SHOWINGS with Skawennati (co-presented with the Indigenous Visual Culture program at OCADU)
June 23, 2015, 6:30pm

All SHOWINGS will take place at, or depart from, Trinity Square Video at 401 Richmond St. Suite 376, Toronto.

I think of my craft as multispecies storytelling in the feminist mode.
– Donna Haraway

SHOWINGS is programmed by Trinity Square Video’s Curatorial Research Resident, Maiko Tanaka. For inquiries, please contact:

Henri Bergson’s Memory Cone, from the internet
Outerregion charting course, 2011, c/o Camille Turner
Portal opening, c/o Oliver Husain