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Exhibitions in Virtual Reality



With works by Eshrat Erfanian, Yam Lau, Erin Gee, Jeremy Bailey and Kristen D. Schaffer

Curated by John G. Hampton and Maiko Tanaka

03 November – 09 December, 2017
Opening Reception: 03 November 2017, 6-8pm

Worldbuilding is an exhibition of virtual realities. In early 2015, Trinity Square Video invited four artists/teams to respond to the philosophical, ethical, and physical conditions of “the virtual” by creating new work using VR technology.

V/Art Projects

V/Art Projects

With works by Scott Benesiinaabandan, Trudy Erin Elmore, E. Jane, Edam Nihan, Tommy Truong, Fuzun Uzun, Thousand Stars, and Tough Guy Mountain

A virtual reality commission and exhibition presented on a free mobile VR app platform.

Download the App here

Trinity Square Video AMD VR Media Lab

Our VR Media Lab

Our VR Media Lab

Trinity Square Video is excited to be in collaboration with AMD, a leader in high-performance graphics for gaming and virtual reality, as Trinity’s lead sponsor for it’s multi-year research and development project to present virtual reality (VR) applications in media art.

AMD has generously provided technology support and VR-ready systems equipped with high-powered AMD graphics for the creation of the AMD VR Media Lab at Trinity. The new facility is available to Trinity members and arts organizations interested in creating and presenting immersive works and features RADEON™ RX 480 graphics. We have Mettle plugins for Adobe Premiere and After Effects to enable editing and effects for 360 videos. We are also fully equipped with Unity and Blender software for 3D modelling. Users have access to Oculus headsets and SubPac immersive sound for post-production.

For all upcoming virtual reality initiatives, Trinity Square Video would like to acknowledge the support of AMDCanada Council for the Arts, and the Toronto Arts Council Open Door Program.

Trinity Square Video would also like the thank the artists, curators, and developers for making these projects possible, including: Jonathon Carroll, Jennifer Chan, Mohammad Rezaei, John G Hampton, Maiko Tanaka, Fusun Uzun, Tommy Truong, Scott Benesiinaabandan, Trudy Erin Elmore, E. Jane, Endam Nihan, Thousand Stars and Tough Guy Mountain, Yam Lau, Erin Gee, Eshrat Erfanian, Jeremy Bailey and Kristen D. Schaffer, Andrew Cromey, Alex M. Lee, Preterna

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