The Poster Art of SUOHPANTERROR + Jay Soule and
The Moratorium Office performance by Jenni Laiti

Curated by Jenni Laiti

17 October – 01 December, 2018
Curator & Artist Talk: Friday, October 19, 7:00pm (as part of Art Crawl)

Presented in partnership with imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival and Gallery 44

Notions and understandings of revolution are explored in Toolkit for Revolution through the activist poster work of the Sámi collective Suohpanterror and Anishinaabe artist Jay Soule. Through this work – and through a new performance by Jenni Laiti – it raises questions about Indigenous self-determination and freedom and how we can envision and enact a revolution based on our core value of love: love for our land, our people, and our cultures. Presented in a street-style format, a series of posters by Suohpanterror are presented in the main gallery with new work by Jay Soule commissioned for this exhibition are displayed in the Gallery 44 Vitrines.

The Moratorium Office is a new performance by Jenni Laiti and an advisory service for self-determination. It offers Indigenizing solutions for halting colonial power, and assists local communities in establishing moratoria and in empowering self-determination. The Moratorium Office offers a personalized kit which people can use to easily establish their own moratoria and Indigenize their regions. The aim of the Moratorium Office’s services is to strengthen the Indigenous way of living in and using our lands for the benefit of nature’s balance.

When the Moratorium Office is open, members of the public interested in declaring their own moratoria against colonial practises can meet with Jenni and together they will craft their personalised “toolkit” for their personal revolution. Please visit our website and the gallery for the performances hours.


Suohpanterror (“lasso terror”) is an anonymous collective from Sápmi. Founded in 2012, the collective creatively promotes Sámi rights and uses “artivism” to resist colonization and environmental injustice in Sápmi, their Indigenous homeland.

Jay Soule aka CHIPPEWAR is a multimedia artist from the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation (Deshkaan Ziibing Anishinaabeg) who creates art that represents the hostile relationship that Indigenous peoples have with the government of the land they have resided in since their creation.

Jenni Laiti is a Sámi artivist, Indigenous rights activist and craft maker. She is from Aanaar, on the Finnish side of Sápmi and lives now in Jåhkkåmåhkke, on the Swedish side of Sápmi, with her reindeer herding family. Laiti is a member of the Suohpanterror collective, who creatively promotes Indigenous Sámi rights and fights against colonization and exploitation of Sápmi in an artivistic way.