PROGRAMMING: Long Live Trans-Pakistan

Long Live Trans-Pakistan: Lecture/Performance by Umber Majeed

Saturday, 3 August 2019, 12-2PM

In conjunction with the exhibition Networked Justice, Umber Majeed will be delivering a lecture/performance as part of her piece Long Live Trans-Pakistan — an ongoing investigation into current urbanization claims in Lahore, Pakistan. 

Following the years of martial law and post-War on Terror, activities between and within urban spaces in Pakistan has become heavily policed by state and neoliberal ventures. Drawing from a range of familial archives, digital telecommunications, and mechanisms of the Pakistani tourism industry.

In this lecture is part research and part speculative fiction in which Majeed revitalizes her uncle’s failed tourism company, “Trans-Pakistan”, to promote a walking-tour service of Bahria Town, a gated housing development company known to be accused of corruption and land-grabbing.

Long Live Trans-Pakistan offers a critical perspective of geopolitical issues within South Asian diasporic cultures through speculative fiction, collage, and digital interface.


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