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Alteration by FAFSWAG Arts Collective
14 October – 25 November 2023

Co-presented in partnership with imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival
Opening Reception & Performances by Pati Tyrell and Nahora Ioane: 14 October, 5:00–7:00PM

2023 imagineNATIVE Art Crawl: 18 October, 5:10–5:30PM

Meeting at the intersections of cultural archival practices, digital technology and queer Indigenous storytelling, Alteration presents a series of inter-textual lenses on the pluralities of Queer Indigenous Identity. This body of work redefines its own grand cultural ambitions and aspirations; to be more than just the recipients of colonial violence and historical trauma.

Compiled over ten years of significant artistic output, the FAFSWAG arts collective presents a mixed media archival exhibition of significant works from the artists created between 2013 – 2023. Alteration seeks out a vision of queer Indigenous futurism that dares to be abundant and visionary.

This compilation renders the experiences of our communities in full resolution, piecing together pixels of queer life as Moana peoples, in constant motion and growth, rebelling against a now predictable and fixed colonial oppression.

Alteration the exhibition is the culmination of ten years of archival practice, and two years of co-design, co-curation, research and production. Created by: Jermaine Dean | Falencie Filipo | Tanu Gago | Tapuaki Helu | Elyssia Wilson Heti | Nahora Ioane | Hōhua Ropate Kurene | Moe Laga-Toleafoa | Ilalia Loau | Tim Swann | Pati Solomona Tyrell | James Waititi



FAFSWAG is a Queer Indigenous arts collective committed to social change through arts and innovation, producing bespoke cultural activations that are cutting edge, culturally responsive and socially relevant. Operating across a multitude of interdisciplinary art forms and genres, FAFSWAG artists work collaboratively to activate public and digital space, speaking to our contexts as Queer Indigenous arts practitioners.