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ONLINE PROGRAM: In conversation with Tiara Roxanne and Ella Schoefer-Wulf

In conversation: Tiara Roxanne and Ella Schoefer-Wulf
Monday April 20, 12:00PM

Streamed live at www.imagesfestival.com

Co-presented in partnership with Images Festival

Tiara Roxanne will shed light on her research and artistic praxis regarding artificial intelligence (AI) learning systems and Indigenous Studies through dialogue with her friend Ella Schoefer-Wulf. The conversation will focus on the existing colonial structures embedded within AI and the notion of data colonialism as a whole. In a gesture to historically complicate the present, data-mining practices will be discussed in tandem with knowledge sharing of Indigenous storytelling from Roxanne’s Tarascan and Mestís heritage and tradition. For Roxanne, this merging of information dissemination allows for constructions of Indigenous futures.


Dr. Tiara Roxanne is an Indigenous cyber feminist, scholar, and artist based between Berlin and New York. Her research and artistic practice investigates the encounter between the Indigenous Body and AI. More particularly, she explores the colonial structure embedded within artificial intelligence learning systems in her writing and her performance art through textile.

Ella Schoefer-Wulf (MFA)is a German-American artist writing and living in Berlin. In her work, Wulf dissects the ideologies of speech and uttering, of the ways language constitutes a space and space is constituted by language. Her theoretical and curatorial practice fall under institutional critique from the viewpoint of post-colonial and feminist theory. Her poetic and visual work addresses these ideological systems with focus on the body and intimacy.

*Image credit: Charlotte de Bekker