VITRINE: Reckless Reproduction

Reckless Reproduction

Endam Nihan

19 July – 20 August

Image: Reckless Reproduction (screenshot), Endam Nihan


Reckless Reproduction is a video installation that is part of Endam Nihan’s ongoing investigation of the communication and mediation latent in forms of feminine identity online. This piece presents a hallucinatory series of images posted online by women featuring weddings, dowry, and house decorations. Highlighting the contemporary material culture of domestic environments in Turkey, Reckless Reproduction is a moving archive built by excavating social media and resale sites for images that demonstrate past, present, and currently evolving trends. Nihan is critical of the Internet’s effect on the practice of traditions, as well as how the internet and social media functions to create new expectations and recode existing social norms. Her work involves a deep research based practice and results in creating critical, joyous and humorous reflections of rapidly changing contemporary culture in Turkey.


Artist Biography:

Endam Nihan is a video artist focusing on performative actions through video as a means to initialize reflection. She uses sound, video and performance to call into question the gendered effects of images circulated in popular media culture. With live or recorded video performances, she identifies symbolic bonds between images of daily experience in contemporary life and the changing visibility of social taboo. She is also a member of artist collective Troll Food. Born and raised in Turkey, she is currently based in between Miami and Istanbul.