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EXHIBITION: Borderless, Stateless (Themed Commission 2023)

02 August – 02 September 2023

Featuring works by Francisca Jimenez Ortegate, Kasra Goodarznezhad, Lawrence Bird and Tangent Collective (Yantong Li, Beichen Zhang and Shengxu Jin)

Curated by Christina Oyawale and Karina Iskandrsjah

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, 02 August, 5-8pm

“Borderless, Stateless” presents new works by international and local artists Francisca Jimenez Ortegate, Kasra Goodarznezhad, Lawrence Bird, and Tangent Collective, which …

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Borderless, Stateless [Themed Commission Residency 2023]

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Borderless, Stateless [Themed Commission Residency 2023]

Deadline: May 2, 2023


Calling all artists, curators, and creative technologists interested in the topic of borders and states! 

Trinity Square Video is seeking submissions for our annual Themed Commission: a summer residency and exhibition program inviting artists, designers, filmmakers and other creatives to produce or workshop new projects in a …

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Trinity Square Video and Vtape presents the 2021 Video Fever Listening Party!

September 18th 7PM EST


2021 Video Fever Showcase includes works by James P. Hoban, Kalina Nedelcheva, Christina Oyawale, Weibin Wang, Gustav Bulzgis, Evgenia Mikhaylova, Sadaf Khajeh, Jean-Pierre Marchant, Racquel Rowe, Liam Mullen, Hanna Petersm Noah Hanyue Qin.

Video Fever …

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VITRINE: Case Study004

Case Study004 by Christina Oyawale

06 March – 27 April, 2020

Case Study004 is a photographic installation by Christina Oyawale that focuses on the notions of racial identity, specifically the significance of skin and melanin of the black body. The work follows a self-exploration of the artist’s diagnosis with a rare skin condition, mycosis fungoides, at the age of sixteen. Through the …

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