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ARTISTS’ TALK: Borderless, Stateless (2023 Themed Commission)

ARTISTS’ TALK: Borderless, Stateless (2023 Themed Commission)

Saturday, 02 September, 11AM EST

Tangent Collective, Lawrence Bird, Kasra Goodarznezhad, Francisca Jimenez Ortegate

Moderated by Karina Iskandarsjah

Please join us in conversation with the artists who were part of this year’s Themed Commission residency, “Borderless, Stateless” next week!

RSVP on eventbrite or email for the zoom link


“Borderless, Stateless” invited projects that explore and critique the concept of borders, both metaphorically and methodologically, as well as in relation to geopolitics, nationhood, and movement. The works created this summer acknowledge a myriad of topics and perspectives, including; the complexities, inter-connections and hidden narratives of different Chinese diasporas; the observation of earth’s polarizing temperatures and geological extremities as a way to prepare for climate crisis; as well as critiques on destructive political regimes and global economic systems through acts of mapping and situationist theory tactics.


The Themed Commission is generously supported by the EQ Bank

Image by Kasra Goodarznezhad