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Be introduced to Virtual Reality/VR and Augmented Reality/AR. Learn how you could engage with these technologies through various software and get a comprehensive resource list.

Image: Courtesy of Holly Chang

VR Performance Art Online 2 Parts

Image Credit: Jonathan Carroll

Find out how to use Unity3D as a tool for performance art! Participants will learn some context about art and performance in the medium of VR, a demonstration of some tools and techniques, and some assets that will help you get started using the game engine in performances that may incorporate music, dance, comedy, or more. Experience in Unity is a plus but not …

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Intro to VR/Virtual Reality and AR/Augmented Reality

Learn about Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) that have become increasingly popular in the fields of technology. Virtual reality is a technology that completely immerses you in a virtual environment, augment reality projects digital images onto real spaces and extended reality is a combination of both. These technologies have various applications from creative to medical fields and anything in between. Holly Chang …

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