Un espacio
para reimaginar
las artes mediáticas



Photo Credit: Bill Bradshaw

December 6 / 6pm-9pm

This is the fourth week of a five-week intensive where participants will begin working in the gallery space and test their individual projects. Prerequisite VIDEO PROJECTION MAPPING INTENSIVE 1-3, please see description above.

This is the fourth week of a five-week intensive resulting in a final show exhibiting participants’ works in TSV Gallery with Peter Rahul. Participants are required to bring in their own laptop downloaded with the following software Resolume Arena, VPT7 and MadMapper. Learn how to use Video Projection Mapping to manipulate video such as creating illusions of deconstruction and redefining physical shapes from traditional flat projection mapping. Be introduced to Video Projection Mapping practices and focusing on Collective and groundbreaking works.

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December 6

To register email milada@trinitysquarevideo.com or call (416) 593-1332.

$50 Non-Member* / $30 Member / CLUB SKILLS / Skills Member

To be registered, you must be paid up in full. Accepted Payment: Visa, Mastercard, via phone; cash or debit accepted in-person. Cancellation 5 business days prior to workshop; NO REFUNDS GIVEN for CANCELLATIONS made with less than 5 business days.

For Club Skills: Once you are registered and not able to attend, your non-attendance will count as one workshop used.

For Skills Members: If you are registered and do not attend, you will pay a non-attendance fee of $20.

Photo credit: Bill Bradshaw