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FREE WORKSHOP: Weaving Websites as Intro to HTML by Sarah Holloway

Frobel’s Occupations *updated*: weaving websites as an introduction to HTML



Weaving and computation have a long shared history. The first mechanized loom, The Jacquard Loom, used a punch card system akin to the punch cards used to code early computers. Weaving has long been considered a rudimentary skill. …

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Ecologies & Cosmologies [Themed Commission 2022]

A multi-site exhibition across Tkaronto.

5 – 31 August, 2022

Featuring works by Sidi Chen, Jenna Reid + Cassandra Myers, Laura Margaret Ramsey, Shonee, Sarah Holloway, and Maria Simmons

Co-presented by Trinity Square Video, Lakeshore Arts, Whippersnapper Gallery, Critical Distance Centre for Curators, and SpaceMakerII.

Ecologies & Cosmologies presents the 2022 Themed Commissions, which were produced over a …

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Themed Commission Residency 2022

We are pleased to announce the artists selected for our annual themed commission: Jenna Reid & Cassandra Myers, Sarah Holloway, Lena Phillips, Laura Margaret Ramsey, Shonee, Maria Simmons, and Sidi Chen. This year’s open call, titled Ecologies & Cosmologies invites project proposals that explore and critique different forms of interdependency, networks of life, and destabilize fixed entities/identities/borders through technological, ecological or cosmological metaphors.

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