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VITRINE: Atmospheric Arrivals, A Study in Autopoetic Imagemaking 

By Ayo Tsalithaba

June 3 – July 25 2022

Atmospheric Arrivals is a living multimedia archival project and polytemporal memory bank. I forge a unique and dynamic practice of return through active memory and revisiting my personal archive.

Atmospheric Arrivals is about home and the (im)possibility of return. The “atmospheric arrival” captures a means of coming into being through memory and …

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PROGRAMMING: Sound Diaries and Recitals, a workshop with John Rage

Sound Diaries and Recitals: a workshop with John RageMay 11, 12 and 18Locations TBD

In conjunction with the exhibition Manar Moursi: The Loudspeaker and the Tower

How can we communicate our experience of the (prelinguistic, extra-linguistic) sonic world in the symbolic realm of language?

Join us on May 11th, 12th, and 18th for a responsive workshop with John Rage (alias Fan …

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PROGRAMMING: Disruption intention

Disruption intention with Kristen Jordan Alaan SisonSaturday, March 2, 1:30PM

To facilitate connection / re-connectionTo come home to our inner knowingTo bounce back into our bodies, our earth(s)To come home to the water in our bloodTo retrieve memoryCellularTo evoke feelingEncoded patternsTo set collective intentionsTo create new patternsFeel resonance

> Process:

Dropping into the body through gentle movement & breath workReflection + …

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